1993EUROMED Distribution GmbH founded by Reinhold Eder in Austria

1996 EUROMED Swiss AG subsidiary founded to handle the Swiss market

Today, the company is regarded as an established supplier in Switzerland and Austria in the fields of cardiac, thoracic and general surgery as well in interventional cardiology, interventional radiology and intensive care medicine.


1997 – Establishment of an additional line of business in the service sector Conference Management, which later evolved into Eurocongress as a result of its positive development and later renamed as business unit HSEC – Health Service & Education

The EE Group Holding operates as a central service company across the medical devices markets (Euromed Austria and Euromed Swiss) and in the services sector (HSEC – Congress Organisation, Health Advisory and Outcome Management in Austria and International / HSEC Swiss in Switzerland). Service operations (customer service, logistics, accounting) for third party and other territories like Germany are performed on request in the medical technical field.